Thank You - Cover Art

Thank You

Release Date: May 25, 2013
1 Thank You 04:17 Lyrics

Thank You

It all started at 2 in the morning
When you left the place you called home
All it took was the wave of your little son’s hand
To stay safe wherever you may roam

Now I don’t know what it’s like to be on the other side 
But I do know it’s not easy to say goodbye

So thank you for all your strength
Thank you for saving me and the lives of the people we love
Thank you for being there, when you could have gone anywhere, 
And been a normal man
Thank you for fighting for me

You sent letters to your house on the corner
And hoped for the same in return
When you finally got that note with your wife’s perfect writing
And Jimmy’s name he wrote with a hand so firm

You pressed it to your heart and felt all that she said
You opened the letter and carefully read

(Repeat Chorus)

After ten struggling months, you finally came home
To your family so sweet you’ve missed all along
When you went to church on Sunday you found
All the people from your little town, saying

(Repeat Chorus)

For me

-Lizzie Sider-