For Lizzie Sider, it truly was “love at first sight.” She was five years old when she saw her first musical, “Annie Get Your Gun.” Perhaps it was the charm, the aura or the charisma of the Jackson Hole Playhouse that made it all too easy for her to find her first love, or perhaps it was the realization that she had found her purpose: to bring another dimension of the human experience to people of all ages, through music and a message.

Born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Lizzie Sider is an American singer/songwriter, recording artist, actress, dancer, and Founder of the bully prevention non-profit organization, Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day.

At the age of 13, Lizzie took her guitar and her dream (and her parents, of course) to the famed Music City, and embarked on a journey to make her vision a reality. Climbing fast, that same year, Lizzie wrote with renowned artist and songwriter Jamie O’Neal, lyricist Lisa Drew (Martina McBride, Emerson Drive) and Jimmy Murphy. Together, they knocked out an upbeat, driving single called “Butterfly,” which grew some wings of its own. In 2011, “Butterfly” was released as Lizzie’s debut single, gaining significant radio play and charting in the Top 40 on the Music Row Country Chart. It’s behind-the-scenes, in-studio music video for “Butterfly” has received over one million views on YouTube.

Lizzie went on to open for Jamie O’Neal, Gloriana and Aaron Tippin, and also to perform multiple songs with Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach, FL in the coming years. She has performed on many Nashville stages, including the infamous Bluebird Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, Bridgestone Arena (Nashville Predators Intermission Performer), and City Winery. Lizzie has traveled nationally with her music career, for both live performances and television features in shows such as Crook & Chase, The Better Show, Entertainment Tonight, the Queen Latifah Show, Access Hollywood, and Hallmark’s Home and Family. She has been a guest on popular nationally syndicated radio shows, including the Marilu Henner Show and Fox News Radio. In addition, Lizzie has wholeheartedly given over 20 performances of our national anthem for the Nashville Predators, Miami Marlins, Florida Panthers, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox.

Unsurprisingly, Lizzie’s theatre roots still remain close to her, and the work she does in theatre has so far remained at the place she has known her whole life: the Jackson Hole Playhouse in quaint Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the 2015 summer season, she played Martha in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” and most recently, she closed out the 2016 summer season as Cat Ballou in the original musical adaptation of “The Ballad of Cat Ballou.”

Playing piano has been a major piece of Lizzie since the age of six, so naturally, an easy way to her soul is through the keys. Lizzie’s second single, a powerful piano ballad, “I Love You That Much” (music and lyrics by Joe Vulpis), also charted in the Top 40 on the Music Row Chart. Lizzie’s music video for the song was directed by the late, legendary director Steven Goldmann (Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Shania Twain) in the beautiful Los Angeles Union Station, and has more than 100K YouTube views. “I Love You That Much” being the exception, Lizzie writes all of her own music, and released a 6-song EP titled “Symphony” in 2015, produced by James Stroud. In other exciting news, in May 2016, her original song, “Summer Love Song” was featured as the opening track of the Hallmark Original Movie, “A Time To Dance,” starring Jennie Garth and Corbin Bernsen.

Lizzie has been named one of CMA Close-Up Magazine’s “Artists To Watch” and a “Top 5 Female Country Newcomer.” She has also been awarded an HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) for “Butterfly,” and the HateBrakers organization honored her work in bully prevention with the Peter Yarrow HateBraker Hero Award.

Advocating for positive causes is a cornerstone in Lizzie’s life, both personally and professionally. She is a spokesperson for GWEN (Global Women’s Empowerment Network) and PACER (National Bullying Prevention Center), and because she feels an immense connection to young children, she has performed at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Perhaps Lizzie’s most personal endeavor is her work in the bully prevention space. When she was a child in elementary school, Lizzie was bullied by a relentless group of girls in her grade. It would send her to tears every day, and ultimately left her feeling defeated. Her father’s phrase of “Nobody has the power to ruin your day” resonated with her so deeply that several years later, in 2013, she decided to embark on her National Bully Prevention School Tour of the same name. Lizzie created her own 30 minute Bully Prevention Assembly, geared towards elementary and middle school children, which tells her personal story and combines positivity, encouragement, music, and a relatable message. She has personally performed at roughly 400 schools nationwide, and continues to present her live assemblies in schools. Her newest project, a free Bully Prevention Video Package, is ever-growing in popularity and as of January 2017, is being used in over 7,000 schools, representing 5,000,000 children worldwide. All of Lizzie’s work goes through Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day, a non-profit organization that she founded in 2014. 


Hi! I’m Lizzie. I am a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, and anti-bullying activist. I’ve had an incredible journey so far, pursuing my passions and creating a career out of it. I hope to, someday, become a woman whose name is remembered for influencing the world in a major way.

I thought that in addition to including what I’ve done with my career in this bio, it’d be nice for you to be able to hear a little bit about me, from me.

I’m an old soul, nature lover, bear hugger, budding chef (in my own way), excessive smiler, and overall optimistic person. I appreciate the little things in life; I believe that a lot of the time, the little instances and occurrences add up to bring us the biggest, most rewarding things. I’m also a very hard worker, which I’ve come to learn is the most important trait when it comes to chasing your dreams and achieving your goals. Even though the journey may be tough, enjoy it, whatever your journey is, because it is the journey that builds who we are as people. Besides, a journey full of perseverance and intent will make for rewarding outcomes.

In fact, one of my favorite quotes is, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” Another cool one is, “The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

At five years old, I saw my first musical theatre production (“Annie Get Your Gun”) at a magical theatre in the west called the Jackson Hole Playhouse. I think that the fact that the theatre and I were both small allowed me to experience that performer-audience connection in a pretty intimate way. It was then that a feeling struck me that performing on stage is what I wanted to do, somehow, someway. Long story short, I have returned to that theatre every summer of my life, performing on that same stage each year, and I accredit a lot of my love for performing to that Playhouse.

Piano lessons started for me shortly after, and although I never was a fan of “practicing” my notes and scales, I would enjoy improvising and playing by ear, and it was at these times that my parents couldn’t pull me away from the piano. I began writing songs and singing national anthems for sports teams at age nine, taught myself the guitar a few years later, and took my first real step to pursue a professional music career at thirteen years old.

Naturally, because I am getting older, I have grown as a person, and therefore grown as a musician and songwriter. But this journey – experiences I’ve had, people I’ve met, and places I’ve gone – has broadened me and taught me so much, and I am thankful for all of it!

After all these years – from the time I saw my first play up to now – my dreams haven’t changed. They are still to inspire people, to perform in front of tens of thousands of people and to have everyone singing my songs with me, and to influence the world in monumental way.

I encourage you to always follow your heart, no matter what. Just be the best YOU that you can be, and the rest will fall into place. Never stop dreaming or believing in yourself, and never let anyone sway you otherwise. We’ve got one life to live, so let’s LIVE it!

xoxo, Lizzie