Butterfly (Single)

Release Date: Feb 12, 2012
1 Butterfly 03:09 Lyrics


I used to hide and keep inside
Afraid to show the world who I was
In shades of gray, I’d spend my days
So invisible because

They'd always put me down
Yeah I let them keep me down

But look at me now, look at me now
Finally coming out and wantin' to fly
Gonna spread my wings, bright and colorful things
Let 'em take me up to touch the sky
They thought they knew me plain and shy
But all along I was a butterfly

Why live a life in black and white
Wrapped up in a safe little space
It's only fear that kept me here
With dreams too big for this small place

They liked me deaf and dumb
Had no idea what I'd become

(Repeat Chorus) 

These colors of mine are unique
Gonna me who I’m meant to be
Now I see it’s all up to me

(Repeat Chorus) 

Yeah I am a butterfly
Yeah I am a butterfly

-Lizzie Sider/Jamie O’Neal/Lisa Drew/Jimmy Murphy-