Release Date: Jul 3, 2012
1 Butterfly 03:09 Lyrics


I used to hide and keep inside
Afraid to show the world who I was
In shades of gray, I’d spend my days
So invisible because

They'd always put me down
Yeah I let them keep me down

But look at me now, look at me now
Finally coming out and wantin' to fly
Gonna spread my wings, bright and colorful things
Let 'em take me up to touch the sky
They thought they knew me plain and shy
But all along I was a butterfly

Why live a life in black and white
Wrapped up in a safe little space
It's only fear that kept me here
With dreams too big for this small place

They liked me deaf and dumb
Had no idea what I'd become

(Repeat Chorus) 

These colors of mine are unique
Gonna me who I’m meant to be
Now I see it’s all up to me

(Repeat Chorus) 

Yeah I am a butterfly
Yeah I am a butterfly

-Lizzie Sider/Jamie O’Neal/Lisa Drew/Jimmy Murphy-
2 Beautiful Surprise 04:07 Lyrics

Beautiful Surprise

He was standing by the bleachers at the football game
He was kinda cute, I didn’t know his name
He was lookin’ at me, I was lookin’ at him
He started walking my way, and then….
Oh, oh, oh, what am I gonna do now
Oh, oh, oh, my heart is beating so loud

What a beautiful surprise
Right before my eyes
Snow cone in his hand, smile a mile wide
Gotta take a deep breath, I’m getting butterflies
What a beautiful surprise

He said, “I haven’t see you around here before”
Asked me what team I was rootin’ for
I said, “It doesn’t really matter to me right now,
Cause all I wanna do is hang out”
Oh, oh, oh, somethin’ funny happened
Oh, oh, oh, he wrote his number on a napkin

(Repeat Chorus) 

The crowd was goin’ crazy, confetti everywhere
Time stood still for that moment
And all I could do was stare
When he looked at me and said,

“You’re a beautiful surprise,
You’re a beautiful surprise” 

You’re a beautiful surprise, 
What a beautiful surprise, right before my eyes
Right before my eyes
You’re a beautiful surprise


-Lizzie Sider/Keith Ridenour-
3 How Bout You 03:25 Lyrics

How Bout You

There you are in that same old t-shirt you always wear
And here I am still five-foot-seven with wavy hair
Same old bench same old tree same place where we always meet but now
The whole world has changed somehow

Hold your hand and dance underneath the moon 
That’s what I want to do
Just me and you
More than friends begins with one kiss then two
And that’s what I want to do
Baby how ‘bout you

Do you want to wake up with me shining on your mind
Do you want to see sparks when you look into my eyes
Stand real close, walk too slow when it’s time to walk me home at night
Do you wish that I (would)

(Repeat Chorus) 

I’ll still be your rock and you’ll still make me laugh
But don’t you want to kiss me, make us so much more than that 

(Do do’s) 

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

-Lizzie Sider/Jamie O'Neal/Lisa Drew/Jimmy Murphy-
4 Souvenirs 03:51 Lyrics


You blew in like the wind does
Ahead of a summer storm
How you swept my heart up was a little frightening
But your smile, like the sun, was so warm

So caught up in each other 
We never noticed the days flying by
Now I’m sitting hear watching the leaves fall
But I’m back there with you, in my mind

These memories, like seashells brought home 
Now they tell the story, remind me of just how I felt
Walking beside you, laughing like we do, hands held
You gave me a kiss I still taste on my lips
With the salt of my tears
Like souvenirs

That last day we sat on a blanket
Watching clouds roll across the sky
For the first time we both were pretty quiet
All we had now to say was goodbye
Before we left you drew a heart in the sand
And put our names inside
The tide came in, but for a moment
I was yours and you were mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Are you thinking ‘bout me now
Do you sometimes wish somehow
Summer didn’t have to end
And we’d have more than

These memories, of you and me
They’ll never be a September
Oh, it hurts to remember

(Repeat Chorus) 

Oh, souvenirs

-Lizzie Sider/Jamie O’Neal/Lisa Drew/Jimmy Murphy-
5 I Saw Him First 03:08 Lyrics

I Saw Him First

He was working at the movies and we were standing in line
And I remember telling you just look at those brown eyes

So don’t act like I never said it
Cause that moment, I won’t forget it

I saw him first
You’re out of line
Can’t you see that boy is mine
Save it, stop it, don’t you get it
I saw him first 
So quit being such a flirt
Sweep yourself under a rug
Cause he fits me like a glove 
And I saw him first

I wonder if you want him just because I want him too
I know that you know better 
That’s just something friends don’t do

So just back off, go find another
Cause there’s more boys and more summers

(Repeat Chorus) 

So girl be careful what you’re doing, what‘cha doing?
And I don’t know who you think you’re fooling

(Repeat Chorus)

I saw him first
Yeah, I saw him first
And you can’t have him

-Lizzie Sider/Liz Rose/Keith Follese/Adrienne Follese-
6 Closer To Love 03:31 Lyrics

Closer To Love

Sometimes I think about his eyes
How they’re gonna look into mine
And I’ll see all the love that I’ve been dreaming of 
Sometimes I imagine his voice
Like a song above the noise
And all the words I’ll hear him whispering softly in my ear

Now don’t think I’m Snow White just waiting for my prince
But life will lead me to a door where he will walk in

Life is a mystery
Each day is my journey
Into the unknown, where I’m meant to go
There’s no twist or turn to be afraid of
‘Cause I know each step’s taking me
Closer to love, closer to love

I’ve walked on both sand and ice 
And I’ve fallen once or twice
I had no hand to hold when it gets dark and cold
And I stood at forks in the road
Didn’t know which way to go
But I figured it out and now somewhere I have no doubt
Someone’s on his way and he’s right on time
And some day his own path will turn and join with mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Once he finally finds me
He’ll always be beside me
I wonder if today’s the day

(Repeat Chorus) 

Life is a mystery
Each day is my journey
Into the unknown

-Lizzie Sider/Jamie O’Neal/Lisa Drew/Jimmy Murphy-
7 Seeing Is Believing 02:54 Lyrics

Seeing Is Believing

Everybody looks away, nobody wants to tell me what’s really going on
I wanna ask, I really wanna know, cause they gotta be all wrong

I know he loves me
He says he loves me
And he would never lie to me

You never know ‘til you see it
Don’t believe it
Can’t be happening to you
You heard the whispers, heard the rumors
Nothing hits you like the truth
There he is with her tonight
Seeing is believing
Seeing is believing

I wanna run away, I wanna hide, I wanna scream
Until the stars fall from the sky
I wish that it would go away, I wish that it was yesterday
Or I could close my eyes

He’s holding her
She’s kissing him
Can’t let them see me cry

(Repeat Chorus)

It’s like a slap in the face
It’s like I’ve been erased
It’s like it never meant nothing at all

(Repeat Chorus) 

Seeing is believing
Seeing is believing

-Lizzie Sider/Liz Rose/Keith Follese/Adrienne Follese-
8 You're My Best Friend 03:29 Lyrics

You're My Best Friend

I know if I have to talk at 2AM 
You’ll pick up the phone and then
Just like that I’ll be okay
And I know if I’m straying just outside the lines
You’ll pull me back just in time
To save the day

And I know I can count on you through thick and thin
Together ‘til the very end
You’re my best friend

When I talk you finish my sentence
It’s you and me when the world’s against us
Nothing ever coming between us
You’re my best friend
I never walk alone when I’m with you
All the laughing, crying we get through
I don’t know what I’d do without you
You’re my best friend

We share secrets like we share our clothes
That happy dance nobody knows
And we think we’re cool
And you know about the boy who broke my heart
You’re the one who warned me from the start
But I was such a fool

And I know I can count on you through thick and thin
Together ‘til the very end
You’re my best friend 

(Repeat Chorus) 

You and I, like sisters, sure we have our fights
Deep down inside, we’re just so alike

When you talk I finish your sentence 
It’s you and me when the world’s against us
Nothing ever coming between us
You’re my best friend
You never walk alone when I’m with you
All the laughing, crying we get through
I don’t know what I’d do without you
You’re my best friend

You’re my best friend
You’re my best friend
Ooh, together ‘til the end

-Lizzie Sider/Liz Rose/Keith Follese/Adrienne Follese-